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Film Review: Inside Out

Pixar’s fifteenth film, Inside Out, takes place within the mind of 11-year old Riley Anderson, and focuses on the five main emotions within her head: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. Let me take you on a journey of the mind as we find out what the voices are telling Riley.


Cute Mood Wheels for Ovaries and Testicles

Purveyors of plush internal organs, I Heart Guts created two handy visual guides for when you need to share the inner feelings controlled by two rather important glands. While the mood wheel for the ovary goes through a cycle of different emotions, it seems the testicle is uncomplicated and single-minded. Check them out after the jump.

Gaming News

Portraits of People Playing Video Games

London-born photographer Phillip Toledano loves taking emotive portraits. He has photographed phone sex operators who put on falsities to appease attention-starved callers and has captured how surgery is ushering in a new kind of beauty. And in a 2002 series entitled GAMERS, Toledano asked his subjects to play video games and captured the intensity where it can be most seen — on their faces. Toledano doesn’t mention what games the people were playing, but from some of the “FFFUUUUU!” looks, they’ve died one too many times in Ninja Gaiden. Have a look at some crazed gamefaces after the jump.