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We Review: Disney Magical World 2

It’s still 2016, so that means we’re going to review either a remaster or a sequel again. Seriously, I can count on one hand the number of reviews we’ve done for totally new IP, but a new release is a new release, so we’re going to go back…to the future! Magic Kingdom for Disney Magical World 2! Not only do we get to play with Mickey and Donald and company like we did in 2014’s Disney Magical World (which we reviewed here), we also get a to enjoy a whole new bunch of Disney characters from Anna and Elsa to Lilo and Stitch to Snow White, as well as enjoy the company of some old ones from the last game. Magic wands at the ready?

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Farty Frozen

Fart jokes never get old for the small of mind. In this light, you may not have seen the fart-inspired parody of the infamously earwormy song, “Let It Go”. This is titled, quite appropriately, “Let One Go”, and the singing is about as close to Idina Menzel as you can possibly get without actually being Idina Menzel. Just a lot, lot ruder, of course.