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We Review: Sleeping Dogs

I know Vancouver-based studio United Front Games for its less-cuter-than-LBP racer, ModNation Racers. They show that they’re nothing if not versatile with their latest game, the open-world action-adventure game Sleeping Dogs. With many of the game’s mechanics reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto, Batman, and Assassin’s Creed, does the developer combine these ingredients into a hearty tale of crime and punishment? Or is it more of a dog’s breakfast? Find out as my review continues after the jump.

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The Domestic Transformer

With a population of over seven million people living in Hong Kong, space is a precious commodity. Architect Gary Chang played with the ideas of space (or the lack thereof) when he transformed the tiny tenement apartment that he used to share with his family into a fantastic, modern living space. Using an ingenious sliding wall system, he is able to create up to 24 different “rooms” in the apartment. He calls it the Domestic Transformer.

As green as Chang’s redesign might be it didn’t come cheap – the apartment cost USD 45,000 to purchase but design changes added a further USD 218,000 to the bill.

[via GOOD]

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The “Future X-Cops” Trailer is Absurdly Awesome

Fans of godawful Asian cinema may like this. Andy Lau is Hong Kong’s most commercially successful film actor, having appeared in over a 100 films. I watched just four of them – Infernal Affairs I, II, and III (these were remade by Martin Scorsese as The Departed), and The House of Flying Daggers.

And in Future X-Cops, Lau plays a cop from 2085 who travels back in time to thwart a corporation’s plan to eliminate a scientist who has created a new technology to break up the monopoly on energy resources. Seems like a humdrum plot doesn’t it? What could possibly improve it – perhaps an enemy who arm is made entirely of robotic snakes? Or maybe a baddie that has bullet-proof bat wings? Oh yes, and what about some super-cop cyborg armour? Dude, totally.

I don’t understand a word of Chinese, but I do speak the language of awesome, and the Future X-Cops trailer has left me speechless. It’s absurd, I love it!

The $20 million movie is directed by Jing Wong and will apparently release on February 25th. I doubt this will make it to South African cinemas though.

[via I Watch Stuff]