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We Review: Sleeping Dogs

I know Vancouver-based studio United Front Games for its less-cuter-than-LBP racer, ModNation Racers. They show that they’re nothing if not versatile with their latest game, the open-world action-adventure game Sleeping Dogs. With many of the game’s mechanics reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto, Batman, and Assassin’s Creed, does the developer combine these ingredients into a hearty tale of crime and punishment? Or is it more of a dog’s breakfast? Find out as my review continues after the jump.

Cautionary Tales Video Clips

How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police

A classic 2007 public service announcement by Chris Rock on how not to get your ass kicked by the po-po.

“Here’s a no-brainer. If you’re listening to loud rap music, TURN THAT SHIT OFF!”

Cautionary Tales Lists Mindlessness

Mug Shots Of The Year

The discerning writers (all three of them) at The Smoking Gun selected 20 booking photos selected from among the tens of thousands to bring you the 2008 Mug Shots of the Year.

Joker Busted


July 28 – Spencer Taylor (20), from Michigan was arrested for allegedly trying to steal Batman posters and other collectibles from a theater showing “The Dark Knight.” The cops made him pose for booking photos in and out of character.

Police Seek Morin (not Moron)


January 2 – Robert Morin (39) was being sought on a warrant for domestic assault. The above mug shot was taken on a previous arrest – Morin had become quite flexible after having removed his teeth.

Mug Shot Metamorphosis


December 4 – Michael Campbell (33) from Colorado has been in and out of jail between 2003 and 2008 and seems to have spent his time getting inked. The first set of photos show Campbell following a 2003 theft arrest; the second set shows Campbell booked six weeks ago. That polka dot bow tie is quite handsome.

See more mug shots at The Smoking Gun – via Blame it on the Voices.