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Bringing the Pain: Terrible Torture Instruments

I can safely say the only reason I don’t use torture devices today is because I’m not the all-conquering, merciless king I was in my past life. But if I were to get my lofty stature back, I’d stock my playroom with the most horrifying torture devices, you know, for parties or for storing the occasional uninvited guest.

Heretic’s Fork

One end of this forked device was pushed under the chin of the victim, the other into the sternum; the strap secured the torture tool to the neck. In somewhat of a pained state, the victim would have to say the Latin word “Abiuro” (I recant), lest they were hanged or burned at the stake.


This vice was used to crush fingers, toes, knees, and elbows. Simple and efficient – two words that should always be in a torturer’s vocabulary.

Lead Sprinkler

We have ways of making you talk. This device was filled with either molten lead, tar, boiling oil, or boiling water. The said contents were then dripped onto the stomach, back, and other body parts of the unfortunate victim.

More of my favourite terrifying torture devices lay in wait after the jump.

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Tessa Farmer’s Hell Raising Fairies

Tessa Farmer’s miniature sculptures reinvigorate a belief in fairies, but not the fantasia as you know it. These fairies and hell’s angels are more sinister and goth, skipping the bus trip to wonderland in favour of torturing the insects around them.

Farmer’s mutated fairies stand barely 1cm tall and are created from plant, tree roots, and dead insects.

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