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It Will Be Fun, They Said

What looks like a fun music video takes an unexpected turn when some school goers decide to cut class and spend the glorious day frolicking on the beach. A boy and girl hope to turn their canoodling to coitus in the dunes, but are interrupted in a most disturbing way. See what happens below, but be warned the content is rather graphic.

This PSA was supposedly created for the Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia.

Speaking of dumb ways to die, have a look at another of Australia’s unforgettable PSAs.

[via SA Gamer]

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Exploding Actresses

Imagine if Meg Ryan’s diner scene in When Harry Met Sally was so orgasmic that it blew her head off, or if Baby burst with excitement in the iconic lift scene from Dirty Dancing. Thanks to YouTube user Simone Rovellini, we don’t have to. Using visual effects software, After Effects, Rovellini takes scenes from popular movies and shows the actresses literally losing their heads. Check out Exploding Actresses below.

For more hilarity and exploding heads, check out

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Mindlessness Video Clips

Michael Bay For Victoria’s Secret

I think it’s safe to say director Michael Bay’s penchant for blowing stuff up is unmatched, although Roland Emmerich did give it a good try in the disaster porn, 2012. Now, it seems lingerie company Victoria’s Secret need a little more oomph to their advertising campaign and tasked Bay to come up with a commercial.

In “One Gift. A Thousand Fantasies.” Bay shows off all the things that has made him famous – explosions, helicopters, desert landscapes, and rock music. Oh, and there’s a bunch of leggy women in lingerie – I have no idea how they got there, but I think they did their own stunts. Have a look at it below or see it in HD goodness on YouTube.

Well, what was your favourite part? I’d have to say Marisa Miller on the pool table hit the spot, although I don’t think her shot was altogether legal, one leg does need to be grounded at all times.

[via GeekTyrant]