Sour Includes Fans in “Hibi no Neiro” Music Video

My Internet is tragically slow today so you’ll have to excuse any factual errors in this post. That’s probably a rubbish excuse, but I’m sticking with it. :poop:

From what I gather, Sour is a Japan based alt-rock band and in the music video for Hibi no Neiro (Tone of everyday), they enlisted the help of Sour fans from around the world. Each person and scene was filmed purely via a web cam and the footage was cleverly mashed together to make this entertaining montage.

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Arty Awesomeness Featured Inspirational Designs

Shohei Otomo’s Badass Manga Illustrations

Artist Shohei Otomo combines traditional Japanese art with modern style to create some amazing manga illustrations. From geishas in bondage gear to ninjas playing baseball and a fair dose of sex and violence tossed in, Otomo’s work is pretty odd to say the least. As regular commenter Macross would say, “The bomb really did affect them more than they care to admit.

Here’s a small gallery. Click the images to embiggen.

See more of Otomo’s badass illustrations at [some content NSFW]. Pity it’s all in Japanese, I’d surely like to what he was smoking when he made them.

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Arty Awesomeness Featured Photoworthy

Okinawa Soba and his Photos from Old Japan

I could easily spend many hours looking through the photostream of Flickr user Okinawa Soba. He has posted hundreds of interesting photos of the 19th and early 20th century life in Japan, China, America, and Africa.  His comments are pretty insightful as well.

Here are three I quickly picked out from old Japan – click to embiggen.

Taken from his SWIMSUIT GIRLS of OLD JAPAN set, this photo is of the popular geisha, Miss Koman.

In 1904, out of thousands of Geisha in the Tokyo area, she was considered by Japanese writer and poet YONE NOGUCHI to be one of the top five in popularity, commanding top price to entertain you, and having legions of adoring fans who could only hope to catch a glimpse of her.

From his PROSTITUTES of Old Japan set, this circa 1890-1900 image shows caged prostitutes and a prospective customer. If the customer finds a prostitute he is interested in, he will light his pipe and pass it through the bars to her. She takes a puff as a sign of acceptance and passes the pipe back through the bars to seal the deal.

Lifted of his SAMURAI, SWORDS, and ARMOR set, this image shows three samurai posing, and yes the one in the middle has a tail. Why? Perhaps he is gay. Apparently the real Samurai held GAY LOVE in high esteem, and encouraged it saying it was considered beneficial for the youth, teaching him virtue, honesty, and the appreciation of beauty.

……..Shudō is the Japanese tradition of age-structured homosexuality prevalent in samurai society from the medieval period until the end of the 19th century. The word is an abbreviation of wakashudō (若衆道), “the way of the young” or more precisely, “the way of young (若 waka) men (衆 shū)”. The “dō” (道) is related to the Chinese word tao, considered to be a structured discipline and body of knowledge, as well as a path to awakening.

See many, many more photos on Okinawa Soba photostream.

Sports Weirdness

Tube Light Fighting, a Japanese Blood Sport

Our slitty-eyed friends in the far east never cease to amaze me. From Japan comes what could possibly be the bloodiest (and dumbest) sport in history. Two rotund gentlemen batter each other with fluorescent tube lights until there is a winner. Check out some pics of this brutal blood sport.

It’s like fighting with reject light sabers minus the needless decapitation.

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Music Video Clips

Daichi, The Beatbox Kid

Daichi is an impressive 18-year old beatboxer who might just be a serious contender to win an wild card entry into the Beatbox Battle comeption. As soon as he starts, you know his dude is something special. Check it out.

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Boldy Going Where No Train Has Gone Before…

…Under the skirt of a school girl. Another classic WTF moment brought to you by the Japanese.

– via Gizmodo.

Entertainment Mindlessness

Big Love: Japanese Set Orgy World Record

From Crying Sumo competitions to penis worshiping festivals, the Japanese are known for their odd, attention-seeking activities. And word has it that the they have set a new world record for the biggest orgy ever. 250 men and 250 women gathered in a warehouse and commenced the organised, close-quarters sex. I’d hate to be the clean-up…

A “professional camera crew” recorded the entire event and the DVD, the cleverly-titled 500 People Sex!, is on sale for USD 40.00.

Full article at Weird Asia News.

Arty Photoworthy Video Clips

This is Japan: 2760 Pictures in 8 Minutes

Eric Testroete works as an artist in the Vancouver game industry and on his trip to Japan he took over 3000 photos totally about 46 GB! He then created a video using 2760 of those photos.

This is Japan runs at 6 frames per second and is about 8 minutes long. See it below.

You can see some of Eric’s Japan photos at Flickr – via Pixelelement.