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Reaping for Dummies

The only things certain in life are death and taxes, or so the saying goes. However, in this animated short film, death isn’t such a sure thing as a trainee reaper rolls in to a ghost town to claim the soul of the last inhabitant. Check out what happens in Reaping for Dummies below.

Reaping for Dummies was created by a group of five students as a graduation project for the 3D design and animation course at the Idèfagskolen school in Tønsberg, Norway.

[via Neatorama]

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An Enthralling “Celestial Lights” Show

If you’re enthralled by the works of Randy Halverson and Terje Sørgjerd, I think you might take a liking to the latest creation of landscape photographer Ole C. Salomonsen.

Auroras are caused by solar activity, and it is expected that a solar max (the period of greatest solar activity) for our current solar cycle will happen between this year and the next. Noticing an increase in such activity, Salomonsen from Tromsø, Norway pointed his cameras to the aurora-filled skies in the northern parts of this homeland. 150,000 exposures later and he had created a most ethereal time-lapse video, Celestial Lights.

Celestial Lights is Salomonsen’s second video project. His first, In The Land Of The Northern Lights, can be seen after the jump.

Awesomeness Sports Weirdness

Extreme “Slopeflying” Antics in Stryn, Norway

This looks like an extremely dangerous high-flying sequence out of a video game. But clearly it is not, for the graphics are altogether too real.

Joachim “Jokke” Sommer, an extreme sportsman shot this exhilarating clip up in the picturesque mountains of Stryn, Norway. It’s called slopeflying and shows the wingsuited Sommer as he zips dangerously close to the mountainside at a rate of 200 km/h! INTENSE!

[via @AkiAnastasiou]

Arty Awesomeness Sports Video Clips

I Believe I Can Fly (Flight of the Frenchies)

I Believe I can Fly is a 40-minute documentary directed by indie filmmaker Sébastien Montaz-Rosset. The film follows two French adrenaline seekers Tancrede and Julien as they travel to lofty heights in the Norwegian fjords. The pair are there for a spot of rock climging, BASE jumping, and highlining, a form of tightrope walking that is done at vertigo-inducing heights. Highlining is often done without the use of a fall leash.

Montaz-Rosset follows their progress at the awe-inspiring location and what follows is an excerpt from his documentary.

I Believe I can Fly is to be made available for download at the very specific time of 11:00 on 11.11.11. Look out for it on Montaz-Rosset’s blog.

[via @SurrealTiggi]

Arty Awesomeness Entertainment Featured Video Clips

The Arctic Light

Terje Sørgjerd is fast becoming everyone’s favourite time-lapse photographer. His two previous efforts, The Aurora and The Mountain have been been viewed over 13 million times!

In his latest time-lapse masterpiece, Sørgjerd travels to Lofoten, a Norwegian archipelago in the Artic Circle to capture the midnight sun, a phenomenon where, given the right conditions, the sun is visible for 24 hours. His 12-day trip was marred with accidents – aside from the equipment lost to the sea, he also fell into the Arctic twice and was hospitalized when he slipped off a rock.

In his interview with The Huffington Post, Sørgjerd says that, apart from a few adjustments, no HDR or photoshopping has been done to the 9 terabytes of data that he gathered on the journey. He calls his time-lapse video The Arctic Light. It’s truly a magnificent view. See it below.

[via SurrealTiggi on Twitter]

Arty Awesomeness Featured Photoworthy Video Clips

Spectacular Aurora Borealis, Caught in Time-Lapse

Norwegian photographer, Terje Sorgjerd, used every night of the week he spent in Kirkenes and Pas National Park to hunt down and capture images of the wonderful Aurora Borealis.

He endured biting temperatures of -25 °C, shooting from sunset to sunrise, and used around 22,000 photographs to create a time-lapse video of the captivating phenomenon. It is truly amazing, see The Aurora below.

[via Asylum]

Arty Video Clips

Light Painting With WiFi

In a project entitled Immaterials: Light painting WiFi, three designers in Oslo wanted to make visible the data that is normally unseen to us. They created a four-metre tall measuring rod with a number of LED lights and network detectors that would measure the strengths of WiFi networks in different parts of the city.

The number of lights that would light up on the rod corresponded to the signal strength in the area they would be in, and using long exposure the designers were able to visualize the WiFi networks they encountered. Check out the video of their project.

Images from the project can be seen on Flickr. You can read more about the research project at YOUrban.

[via Laughing Squid]

Awesomeness Featured Music Video Clips

“Fot I Hose” by Casiokids

This really made the day more bearable. It’s a music video for the single “Fot I Hose” by Norwegian electro-pop troupe, Casiokids. It’s one of those funky indie-dance tunes that you cant really get out of your head after hear it. This is a good thing. Check out “Fot I Hose” below.

Find out more about Casiokids on their MySpace page.

[via Uno De Waal / PopSickle]


Graffiti Makeover by Dolk and Pøbel

With the government’s consent, two street artists by the names of Dolk and Pøbel, did their thing to abandoned warehouses and houses in Lofoten, a district of Nordland, Norway.

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