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Playboy’s Titillating Tribute to Tron

I know, it was the Tron bit that brought you here wasn’t it? It’s like how I buy Playboy magazine for the impeccably-worded discourse. Speaking of the gentleman’s magazine, you may enjoy this little clip. Playmates Irina Voronina (the blonde I believe) and Sasckya Porto participate in Playboy’s rather risque tribute to the goodness of Tron. It comes complete with light cycles, neon lights, and smatterings of nudity. Check it out below.

Playboy has also produced some images to accompany their video, have a gawk at those after the jump. I’ve kindly obscured the naughty bits with dainty prawns so you won’t get into trouble if you’re viewing this at work. How nice am I?

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Life’s a (Photorealistic) Beach

Reportedly today marks the beginning of Spring in South Africa. Cape Town clearly didn’t get the memo, and we’re swamped in grey moody clouds. My memory is sketchy at the best of times, but according to @Mallix on Twitter the weather is supposed to be crap this time of year.

Come on now people – everyone knows September/October is our coldest season. Harden the fuck up! #capetown

When one thinks of spring, it conjures up happy images of rebirth… of new plants springing forth… of colourful bikinis. We contemplate the latter in this post through the art of 68-year-old master painter, Hilo Chen. The artist is famous for his photorealistic oil-on-canvas paintings of nudes and flowers, with critics saying the skin tones on his ladies are so “real” you’d want to reach out and touch them. Have a look at some of his beach paintings after the jump. I have covered up the naughty bits but you can click on those images to see the uncensored images.

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LEGO For Adults

Any adult fan of Lego will tell you, the following LEGO ads are goddamn FAKE. In fact, some have found it a big insult to the adult LEGO fan community, who apparently spends their days in damp basements building tasteful large scale models, and not making horny hos.

Click the images to see them bigger.

An avid rabid adult Lego fan also mentioned that one can’t even build these models – the geometry is all wrong and the curves are represented badly. In any case it turns out these are actually part of a series entitled Pixxxel by Jean Yves Lemoigne for Amusment Magazine.

– via Adgoodness.