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Masking Tape Graffiti by Buff Diss

Buff Diss is a talented Australian street artist with an interesting, non-traditional style. Instead of spray cans, Diss does tape. Using mainly masking tape, Diss creates his pieces free-hand on the streets of Melbourne (and other Australia cities), and the decay of the tape wearing away over time is part of the appeal of the piece.

Have a look at some of this work after the jump.

Flash Games

Double-Decker Timewaster: Unique & Tontie

Did someone order a double-decker timewaster sandwich? It arrived just in time for your lunch break ;)

In Unique, you need to click the icon that is different from the others. Doing it fast earns you more points. Keen eyesight and quick fingers will win the day. Clear all 50 levels and submit your score to a worldwide leaderboard. I scored a pitiful 130 000 score.

Tontie is an evolved whack-a-mole game where you use the numeric keypad to whack the Tonties as they appear. Each number corresponds to the hole Tontie pops up from. There are 20 stages. Can you defeat the last boss? I’m totally useless at this and being the bad workman that I am, the rubbish laptop keyboard is entirely to blame.

Play Unique | Play Tontie.