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Freerunning Through Moscow

Urban ninja and freerunner Vasiliy Patrakov joins a mate as they run and jump across the playground that is Moscow. Take a sightseeing tour of the Russian capital city from Patrakov’s perspective, it’s equal parts exhilarating and dizzying.

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FOTONICA is a first person shooter jumper that reminds me of all the good times that were had in REZ. Created by Milan-based game design studio, Santa Ragione, FOTONICA is a free-running game set in an abstract vector landscape where you speed through a level, jumping from one platform to another, and collecting the pink dots along the way. The games relies on the use of one button and what seems like a simple task is quite deceptive, especially for someone like me, who has as much spring in my step as a dead flea. See the trailer to FOTONICA below.

You can play the demo on Kongregate or you can download the game (34 MB) from the FOTONICA website to speed through all the five levels. If you like the game, you can give the developers some real money, however little or as much as you like, according to their “Pay What You Want” pricing system.

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Awesomeness Sports Video Clips

Epic Free Running!

Remember the compilation of terrible freerunning fails and bails? If not, refresh your memory here. As a foil to that, we happened upon a trio of videos that display how the tricks and spins that distinguish free running from parkour are supposed to be done.

The first video, a showreel for British free running team Storm Freerun, contains displays of awesomeness by the team’s current members, although it could have done without all the posturing in the beginning.

The second compilation is by the outfit 3RUN, so-called because of the three disciplines they are excellent at – free running, parkour, and martial arts. It’s a little nauseating in the beginning but if you fight back the vomit, it gets better.

The next clip is the reportedly the world’s best free running compilation, volume 3. It’s relatively entertaining and only brought down by the horrible sounds of Evanescence.

If you have a favourite free running video that you’d like to share, do let us know.

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Cautionary Tales Mindlessness Video Clips

Freerunning Bails, Fails, and Bloody Trails

Abe over at The Given Collective posted a bone-crunchingly funny video on the local gaming forum and I was compelled to show it to you. When done right, urban acrobatics like freerunning and parkour can be full of win, however, put a foot wrong or miss a ledge and it’s into painful fail territory very quickly. Almost always there is someone with a video camera at the scene and YouTube user borisparkour has kindly created a compilation of some brutal yet hilarious freerunning fails. Check out Don’t Freerun (You Will Die) below.

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