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The Typical Lives of Animals Told in Pie Charts

A typical day in my life is hardly the stuff of legends, in fact I spend most of my time trying to look for things I had just a moment ago. Judging from our lives of our pets, I do think animals have a far more pleasurable time of it. The cats teeter between ignoring our existence and demanding food. The dogs are spend the majority of the time barking at absolutely nothing and trying to eat petrified cat faeces. It’d be disgusting if they didn’t look so sweet. But I digress.

Jeff Wysaski over at Pleated-Jeans likes pie charts, not only are they great visual aids they also makes one feel like they’re being productive. He has created pie-charts to illustrate how five wild animals spend their time on a typical day. They’re quite cute, have a look at them after the jump.

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Hilarious Newspaper Headlines

I’ve heard that proof-reading is a thankless job. I’m sure that proof-readers and subs on newspapers sometimes just can’t resist slipping a sly and amusing mistake into copy.  Other times of course these “slip-ups” are the result of a lazy incompetent twit. Well, intentional or not, these typos are funny nonetheless.

The Great Arsehole Debate

Truck Leaves Rubber On The Road

See a few more after the jump.

Awesomeness TV Video Clips

Hey Guys, I Just Picked up a Delicious Beggar

Here’s a little South African flavour for our international readers who visit often but rarely leave any comments. It hurts us on our studio (if you missed that reference, see here – it’s at the 49-second mark).

In the past, South African fast food chain Chicken Licken ran a series of entertaining funk-themed TV ads for their brand of “soul food”. Our friends over at 10and5 spotted a new set of ads that take the brand in a hilarious new direction. Our favourite ad involves a play on one of South Africa’s major pastimes, mispronunciation. In it, an affable chap comes homes to his housemates after picking up a delicious “beggar”.

Check out a few more Chicken Licken ads after the jump.

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Comedian Rhod Gilbert and the Luggage Incident

If you have DSTV, you may have noticed the nightly comedy festival on BBC Entertainment (channel 120). There has been a great lineup of comedians thus far, notably the quick-thinking Dara Ó Briain who I thought was most excellent. I missed it last night on account of going to quiz night at a pub in town. The toilets smelled of poo and peaches and cream, and the team next to us used Google to come second, so overall it wasn’t such a great night.

My mate and passive-smoking partner, Fayyaad, told me about one of the sketches he saw last night. He was laughing so hard that he could barely speak so my keen intellect told me this should be worth a watch – it was, sidesplittingly so. It’s a sketch by Welsh comic Rhod Gilbert on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow. Gilbert tells the story of the time he flew to Ireland and lost a handle on things when his luggage didn’t arrive in the same state that he remembered. Check it out below.

The comedy festival carries on until May 14th so if you’re in need of a good laugh, see the schedule on the BBC Entertainment website.

[thanks again, Fayyaad]

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Going Medieval: The Bayeux Tapestry Meme

If you liked the Joseph Ducreux/Archaic Rap meme, you might enjoy the Bayeux Tapestry meme. Created sometime in the late 11th century, the Bayeux Tapestry is an embroidered cloth panel some 70 metres long and tells the story about the Norman conquest of England that happened in the year 1066.

That was then. This is now and as is commonplace with the Internet, the tapestry has been bastardized with modern pop culture references and other popular Internet memes. For your enjoyment, we pick 10 of our favourites from this medieval meme. Find them after ye olde jump.

Mindlessness Video Clips

1980s Video Dating Montage Is Creepy, Supremely Cheesy

Life is a playground and these men need someone to play with. From muscle-bound dudes, to vikings, to men who are interested in all phases of data processing, these clips show how awesomely creepy/cheesy 80’s video dating really was.

[via A Welsh View]