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Demented Disney Characters

While we you may have seen them in all sorts of tight underwear or given the macabre makeover, you’d never think of your beloved Disney characters as pimps, hookers, and flashers. CG Hub user Darko Kreculj (TestosteronMan) does just that, re-imagining the ever so cute creatures in their sinister forms.

See TestosteronMan’s dark Disney fan art after the jump.


You Won’t Believe It’s Bolígrafo

From first looks, it might seems that these images have been processed with the popular photo-bleaching app, Instagram. But would it surprise you to know that they are entirely hand-drawn?

Spanish artist Juan Francisco Casas uses the humble BIC clásico bolígrafo to create some risqué photorealistic portraits. Have a look at some of his ballpoint pen drawings after the jump.

Science & Technology Video Clips

Physics in a Minute

Run by Henry Reich, MinutePhysics is a YouTube channel that aims to convey the theories of physics in short, simple, one-minute explanations.

There have been 35 videos thus far and Reich has gotten to grips with interesting issues such as Schrödinger’s Cat, why neutrinos are the vampires of the physics world, and how we use what we can see to observe things that we can’t see. Intrigued? See the answers to those questions in the MinutePhysics videos after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Featured Weirdness

The Witty Art Of Marc Johns

I just stumbled onto the drawings of Marc Johns, and had some great laughs. Perhaps it’s the mood I’m in but seeing a pair of green underpants with antlers attached to them just made me smile no end.

Johns thinks of some pretty absurd things and uses watercolours to create drawings that are simple and sparse, yet so very witty. We totally love his sense of humour, have a look at some of his illustrations after the jump.

Arty Cautionary Tales Featured Movies Video Clips

VIDEOGIOCO: An Unusual, Violent Stop-Motion Film

VIDEOGIOCO is unusual and violently so. Conceived by Donato Sansone, VIDEOGIOCO combines doodling with stop-motion filming to create something quite unique, and so very odd. It has a killer ending, which also happens to be its beginning. Have a look below.

VIDEOGIOCO means videogame in Italian.

[via zefrank]

Arty Mindlessness

Acid Trip: Drawing Under the Influence

As part of a test conducted by the US government in the 1950s, an artist was subjected to a dose of psychotomimetic drug LSD-25 and given free access to an activity box full of crayons and pencils. What follows is a series of 9 drawings the artist made at varying stages of his trip. His evolving subject is the medico that jabbed him.

Found at Metafilter.

Awesomeness Featured Inspirational Designs Weirdness

Doodle Madness: Mulheres Barbadas

Mulheres Barbadas are a pair of self-taught designers from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Their black and white artwork is both cutesy and grotesque; the attention to detail is amazing.

Check out the small gallery below and head to Mulheres Barbadas for much more.

– via PICDIT.

Arty Weirdness

The Odd Works of Candice Tripp

According to her bio, Candice Tripp was born a man in South Africa, but left the country to become a minger and spoon designer in the UK. Her art was cultivated in a home for orphaned wolves and seeks to capture the unity in ideologies between Star Trek’s Spock and the modern musical philosopher, Enya.

Her 24 year old’s art is altogether quite odd. See below – click the images to see them bigger.

See more of her work at – via Neatorama.