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“Luna Inhaling Raspberries” Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Last week, Tumblr user and it’s love posted a clip of her bunny Luna “inhaling raspberries”. I think Luna just broke our cuteness meter.

[via Laughing Squid]

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First Kiss

As we’ve seen before kissing can be gross, and in some cases it can be detrimental to your health. Kissing can be awkward too, especially if it’s your first one and more so if you don’t even know the person that you’re about to do it to.

With FIRST KISS, the people over at the fashion label WREN studio asked a bunch of strangers (some of whom are models) to kiss each other and then filmed the intimate moments. Some are cute, others are cringe-worthy and over 20 million people have exhibited their voyeuristic tendencies, so check it out below.

[via Shock Mansion]

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Portal: No Escape

Since it debuted three days ago, this fan-made short film has been viewed over three million times! Directed by Dan Trachtenberg with special effects by John Chesson, Portal No: Escape was shown earlier at Comic-Con to much praise.

Based on the Portal universe, the seven-minute short blends live action and computer graphics superbly to tell the tale of a woman (played by Danielle Rayne) who must escape her cell with the aid of a handy Portal gun. It starts off a tad slow but it certainly picks up.

[via Super Punch]

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Neill Blomkamp Mystery Teaser

Awesome District 9 director Neill Blomkamp seems to have secreted a mysterious trailer into the latest iPad issue of Wired Magazine. We may not have an iPad but thankfully we have the Internet, and while the the teaser is not so secret anymore, the happenings in the clip are certainly inexplicable to us. In the 1-minute teaser, shaky handicam footage shows two lads coming upon a hideous dead alien creature that seems to have been discarded along the side of a dirt road. The thing has a stamp on it perhaps like a grading system one would use for edible meat. Check out the creepy teaser below.

Could this be the teaser to his latest film? We fokken hope so.

[via 10and5]

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Hilarious! Red Army Performs Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”

The final match of the FIFA World Cup was aired last night and was a boring affair if not for the scrappy fights between the players. We were in awe of Nigel de Jong’s high-flying kick to the chest of Spain’s Xabi Alonso. Clearly someone brushed up on his kung fu skills beforehand.

Anyways, from the country that bought you kung fu fighting, white rabbit candies, and the cultural revolution comes the latest viral video. It’s a hilarious tribute to the late Michael Jackson performed by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. The video uses archive footage from a ceremony to mark the 30th anniversary of a significant retreat by the Red Army. The soldiers in full military dress are singing in perfect time to the sounds of MJ’s hit “Beat It” that has been dubbed over the original soundtrack. It’s brilliant stuff, you best check it out before it gets “harmonized” which apparently is Chinese slang for “censored”. Also, it may take a while to load, so be patient. If the video doesn’t load at all, watch it directly at Tudou.

[via brainpicker (twitter) | CSMonitor]

Site Announcements

A Look Back at 2009

This is it – the last post of 2009. Time flies like an arrow (and fruit flies like a banana) and this year really has raced by. On one hand I’m happy to see 2009 draw to a close, it’s been a bit of a rubbish year, but on the other hand there were some great moments and I’m sad to see those go.

It’s that time of year when bloggers around the world review the year and recap their favorite stories of 2009. I’m lucky if I can remember what happened last month but thank the gods  the Internet has kindly reminded me of highlights of the last 12 months. I have included a few of those moments and my general thoughts about the year after the jump.

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It’s all in the Muti!

TGIF. And none too sooner, I’m running on fumes. Whilst the FIFA World Cup madness is going to be happening down in Long Street, I’ll be heading in the opposite direction, up Kloof Street to AFRIKA!

A collaboration between Muti Clothing and designer studio Am I Collective, AFRIKA! is a range of tees inspired the dark continent which we call home. The peeps over at Groundglass created a catchy viral spot for the launch. Check it out below.

The event starts at 6:30pm tonight at The Garage, 8 Kloof Street. See you there.

Science & Technology

Pigeon Race 2009: Will A Homing Pigeon Beat The Telco Giant?

In a satirical attempt to highlight slow and often inconsistent transfer speeds in South Africa, a financial services company has decided to host Pigeon Race 2009. The company postulates that in a data race, a pigeon could haul a 4GB file to a location faster than it can be transferred through a normal land line. The affable 11-month old homing pigeon, named Winston, will have a 4 GB flash stick SD card strapped to its leg and will fly from the company’s call centre in Howick to its head office in Hillcrest, Durban, a distance of 80 km.

Risking bad weather and death by predatory hawks, the pigeon is expected to arrive in 45 minutes whilst the landline transfer is expected to take two days. The race is expected to start tomorrow. Keep updated with the story on Pigeon Race 2009.

Already people have placed more favour with the pigeon over the telco giant – a commenter on The Times article feels that the pigeon will be faster even if it walks. And some MyBroadband forum members think someone will shoot the bird so they can braai it. Others think Telkom might be hard at working trying to secure an unimpeded connection to secure the win.

What are your thoughts?

[via MyBroadband]

Update (09/09/09):  Winston did not disappoint his 1000+ Facebook fans, landing safely in 2 hours 6 minutes and 57 seconds. At that point the ADSL transfer still around four percent complete. A round of applause  for Winston and birdband :yes:

News travels fast – Winston makes it onto the Daily Mail and gets Slashdotted.