Avengers Eye Shadow Art is Marvellous

Just like Katie Alves, Jangsara has a deft hand when it comes to applying eye shadow. With Joss Whedon’s rollicking superhero blockbuster The Avengers fresh in her mind, the makeup artist from Finland applies eye shadow using the basic colours of each character’s costume. Have a look at her minimalist Avengers eye makeup after the jump.

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Bruce Lee as Spider-Man?

With the number of superhero movies that we have watched and the ones that are on the way, we all have had our opinions on the casting. What if they cast Leo DiCaprio as Peter Parker or what if they killed the person before they cast Halle Berry as Catwoman?

Anyways while cruising the interweb, looking for “what ifs” on casting, I stumbled on Alex Tuis’ blog. He had some ideas of his own and illustrated his fantasy casting with his digital paintbrush.

Take a look and let us know who you feel should have played your favourite superhero.

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Batman Characters in the Style of Dr. Seuss

There is a man who lives in a cave.
He is dark and broody and brave.
He wears a funny little hat.
And dresses up like a big bad bat.

If Gotham is in trouble
He’s there on the double.
All around there are nasties and louts.
But taking out the trash
Is what Batman is all about.


Paint Splattered Superheroes

We’ve seen our share of superhero art be it re-imaginings of them as dinosaurs, Mr. Men, or even cats. In a similar theme to the work of Meggs, French web designer Arian Noveir creates more abstract portraits of famous superheroes. In his series of paint splattered portraits (not actual paint, they’re made on the computer), Noveir seems to bring out the chaos and turmoil within these characters.

Have a look at some of the images from Noveir’s Super Heroes: Painted series after the jump.

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Angry Birds as Superheroes!

The Internet is a veritable treasure chest of superhero mashups. We’ve seen them re-imagined as dinosaurs, felines, emotional wrecks, and even with their genders reversed. And now it seems they’ve been crossed with birds, angry ones at that.

Springfield Punx reader Ryan has been hard at work dressing up Angry Birds as if they were superheroes from the Marvel and DC comic books. As tired as you may be of Rovio’s cash cow fowl, there is no denying that these angry heroes are the teensiest bit cute. Have a look at the amusing Iron Bird, Angry Bat, the Avian Torch, and others after the jump.

Featured Movie Reviews

We Review: Green Lantern

The Green Lantern movie has just popped up on our cinema screens, so I went along to go and see if it was worth any fuss. You might know his mantra of “in brightest day, in blackest night”, but is the movie any GOOD? Hit the jump to read my review (no additives, no fats, no spoilers. Lots of greens).

Awesomeness Movies

This Year’s Blockbuster Movie Posters Done in LEGO

As the southern hemisphere descends into a damp dark depression that is winter, Hollywood is preparing for the season full of bots, bikinis, and the phenomenon that is Johnny Depp.

To celebrate the number of sequels and comic book adaptations headed our way in the coming months, NextMovie commissioned a series of posters for this year’s biggest summer movies, where all the main actors have been replaced by their more cute LEGO forms. See them after the jump.


Monochrome Superheroes

Judging from his rather large gallery on DeviantART, Chris Stevens has a thing for superheroes. It’s a good thing he is an illustrator too, Stevens creates some wonderful black and white busts and character portraits of popular superheroes and villains. See a few of his monochrome superheroes after the jump.


The House of Meggs

Graffiti and street art has come a long way from the simple spray can-to-the-wall treatment we’ve seen many a decade ago. Imagine my surprise, when I came across this exceptional artist from Melbourne, Australia. Hailed as one of the most talented artists from down under, David “Meggs” Hooke is renowned for applying his paints and stencil designs onto walls and canvases to create some amazing, expressive artworks.

His street art and gallery pieces can be seen in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Tokyo. Check out some of his exceptional hand-crafted artworks after the jump.

Movie Reviews

We Review: The Green Hornet

Every once in a while a movie comes along that really inspires awe in the movie-goer. It’s fast paced, action packed and really loves to play with your nerves. It tugs at your heart strings and it even inspires you to do greater things with your life.

So what would you do if I told you Green Hornet does none of these things?

Don’t believe me?  Check out the full review after the jump.