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Stirling and Hollens Cover Game of Thrones

Musicians Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens weren’t fiddling around when it came to their cover of the Game of Thrones main title sequence. The 140 separate tracks that make up their cover are made up solely of vocals and violin. Hollens recorded over 100 vocal tracks and is seen mouthing off as Stirling plucks her violin like a fiery Targaryen. Have a look at their stirring rendition below.

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By the Light of Mother Mustang! It’s the Space Stallions!

If you’re a fan of space westerns like Saber Rider, Bravestarr, and SilverHawks, I think that you’ll appreciate the cheesiness that is Space Stallions.

As a homage to their favourite cartoons from the 80s, The Animation Workshop from Denmark tells the story of Sun Ray and his fellow Space Stallions as they battle the demon of darkness, Destructo. Behold the horsepower, keytars, and cheesy 80s beats!

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Dexter Meets Saul Bass

Illustrator Ty Mattson channels Saul Bass in his alternate openining credits to the smashing Showtime series, Dexter. Mattson had initially created a set of minimalist posters, one for each season of the show, highlighting the pivotal moments from each episode. Showtime was thoroughly impressed with his works and subsequently interviewed Mattson for a bonus feature in the season 5 DVD boxset.

Mattson then turned his focus to making the title sequence. With the help of friends from Fashion Buddha, he used his existing poster artwork to create the opening credits to Dexter as if the show was aired in the 1960s.

Have a look at Mattson’s alternate, animated Dexter intro below.

And have a gander at his fantastic poster designs after the jump.

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Banksy Meets The Simpsons

In this clip, notorious U.K. grafitti artist Banksy makes an appearance in the hugely popular animated TV series, The Simpsons. For the opening title sequence for the third episode of the twenty-second (wow!) season, Banksy sprays his mark all over Springfield and it all ends with the couch gag that shows the audience what goes on behind-the-scenes to create and market The Simpsons. It’s controversial and dark, and altogether in typical Banksy style. Check it out below.

If you find that the suits at FOX have pulled the video, try here – hopefully all the Spanish words will flummox them. And click here to read a Q&A that the ArtsBeat Blog had with an executive producer on the show.

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Creative Opening Credits for LOST

The creation of messieurs Lindelof, Abrams, and Lieber will soon come to its end. Lost will conclude in its sixth season this year, with the 121st episode being aired on May 23rd. Some couldn’t careless whilst others will be mourning it like the death of a dear friend. Some of our readers gave their opinions in the Long Lost Tarots Cards post. However you feel about the show, it has become very much a part of popular culture, with a veritable army of devoted fans.

Aside from its title screen, Lost doesn’t feature any opening credits and it is these fans who pay tribute to their favourite show by creating alternate opening credit sequences. Have a look at some of their interpretations after the jump, beware they may contain spoilers.

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The Big Lebowski vs MacGyver

We’ve covered a few great mashups in the past and we may have stuck Internet gold yet again. YouTuber beckspacering has mashed together the opening theme music of one of TV’s most resourceful heroes and clips of film’s most laid-back slacker. For your viewing pleasure here is the MacGyver/Big Lebowski mashup, The DudeGyver.

Brilliant stuff. But is it the ultimate mashup? Maybe not – my money’s still on Han Solo, P.I. although Lebowski, P.I. is growing on me.

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