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“Grinding the Crack” with Jeb Corliss

It’s probably not the best of titles considering what most people associate the term with, but skydiver Jeb Corliss is certainly good at grinding said cracks. Except in Cape Town, where Table Mountain cracked both his ankles, three toes, and a fibula.

Set to AWOLNATION’s ubiquitous single, Grinding the Crack shows Corliss leaping off a cliff in picturesque Walensee, Switzerland. In his wingsuit Corliss sweeps through the valleys and whizzes dangerously close to the ground. His top speed was clocked at an amazing 196 km/h! Take a look at the exhilarating video below.

[via TBR]

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Amber the Amazing Downhill Dog

In dogs meets base jumper, Mario Richard goes for a short flight and his dog, Cajun, faithfully watches and follows him down the mountain to meet him at the landing point. It’s an endearing, albeit chaotic doggie cam video. See it on Vimeo if you missed it.

In the same vein, whenever mountain biker James R takes to the track, his trusty dog Amber is hot on his heels. Amber is a Vizsla, a Hungarian gun dog that is known for its natural hunting abilities. James attached a GoPro to his bike and filmed Amber as she zipped through the forest, taking the most efficient route to keep up her “prey”. Take a look at their chase video below.

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If The Avengers Were Modern Day Olympians

Marvel’s The Avengers are capable of amazing acts of superheroism. What would it look like if they applied their skills to the very human tradition that is the Olympics? Illustrator scargeear imagines Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, and the gang as athletes at the 2012 London Olympics, complete with their individual sporting kits and the events that they’d participate in.

Have a look at assembled team of Olympic Avengers after the jump.

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Urban Paragliding With Jean-Baptiste Chandelier

I went (tandem) paragliding once. It was off Lion’s Head in Cape Town and was one of the most serene experiences ever. French paragliding pilot Jean-Baptiste Chandelier knows that feeling and experiences many more I bet as he takes to the skies in and around urban areas in Peru, Chile, and France.

Have a look at his Chandelier’s lofty adventures in Urban Side.

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Amazing L.E.D. Snowboarder Lights up Darkness

Arty fashion photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton takes to the French Alps to shoot snowboarder William Hughes as he carves his way through the snow. Hughes wears a custom-built L.E.D.-covered suit and illuminates the surroundings as he passes by, like a “lone character made of light surfing through darkness”.

Have a look at Sutton’s Glowing Man below.

[via The Huffington Post]

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Experience Freedom

From the creators of cinematic sports experiences, Infinity List, comes Experience Freedom. It shows a bunch of skydivers and base jumpers doing what they love in scenic locales around the world. All we can do is watch in amazement and/or jealousy.

[via Coolism TV]

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Extreme Pogo Stick Action!

For those who find skateboarding a little too mainstream, there is always the pogo stick. Shot on a Go Pro camera, this video from YouTube user pogofred shows a bunch of pogo dudes showing off all manner of tricks on their bouncy sticks.

[via Ufunk]

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Extreme “Slopeflying” Antics in Stryn, Norway

This looks like an extremely dangerous high-flying sequence out of a video game. But clearly it is not, for the graphics are altogether too real.

Joachim “Jokke” Sommer, an extreme sportsman shot this exhilarating clip up in the picturesque mountains of Stryn, Norway. It’s called slopeflying and shows the wingsuited Sommer as he zips dangerously close to the mountainside at a rate of 200 km/h! INTENSE!

[via @AkiAnastasiou]

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Bust a Move With Yoga Breakdancing

String bean Arthur Cadre combines breakdancing and yoga with the greatest of ease in this dance video. Both disciplines require coordination, dexterity, strength, and skill and Cadre has all that in spades. Watch as he busts a yoga move in Break ton Neck.

The video is directed by Alex Yde and the song, Sail, is by an American dubstep band called AWOLNATION.

[via Holy Kaw]

Arty Awesomeness Sports Video Clips

I Believe I Can Fly (Flight of the Frenchies)

I Believe I can Fly is a 40-minute documentary directed by indie filmmaker Sébastien Montaz-Rosset. The film follows two French adrenaline seekers Tancrede and Julien as they travel to lofty heights in the Norwegian fjords. The pair are there for a spot of rock climging, BASE jumping, and highlining, a form of tightrope walking that is done at vertigo-inducing heights. Highlining is often done without the use of a fall leash.

Montaz-Rosset follows their progress at the awe-inspiring location and what follows is an excerpt from his documentary.

I Believe I can Fly is to be made available for download at the very specific time of 11:00 on 11.11.11. Look out for it on Montaz-Rosset’s blog.

[via @SurrealTiggi]