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Minimalist Game of Thrones House Sigils

From the boost in book sales to a highly successful TV series to all love and adoration from the Internet, there is certainly a lot of banter about Game of Thrones. Speaking about banners — OK, you got me, I said banter but what’s a little letter substitution amongst friends? — designer Tom Gateley shows appreciation for the series by creating a beautiful set of minimalist posters.

After watching the TV series, Gateley says he became slightly obsessed with the identity the houses and set about creating vector posters of each house sigil. He hopes we like them as much as he does. Have a look at his minimalist Game of Thrones posters after the jump.

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Neon Movie Posters

Neon signs are wonderful aren’t they? At the height of its popularity in the 40s, neon was used in marquees for many movie theatres, bars, and shops. It seems this type of signage has lost favour in recent times, but MrWhaite is bringing sexy back, albeit in GIF format. The UK designer creates animated neon posters for some classic movies. See his creations after the jump.

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Pictogram Movie Posters

You may have seen Wayne Dorrington’s re-telling of Star Wars Episode IV in iconoscope and loved how simple pictograms could be used to such great effect. In his on-going project, Swedish graphic designer, Viktor Hertz, also makes good use of pictograms to capture the basic plot of popular movies such as TRON, Sunshine, and Shaun of the Dead. Have a look at some of his minimalist pictogram movie posters after the jump.


Minimalist Caricatures by Stanley Chow

Illustrator and graphic designer Stanley Chow hails from Manchester, UK and has a penchant for cartoons, caricatures, and minimalism. Have a look at some of his character portraits after the jump.

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Eye-Catching Typographic Movie Posters

In his 37 Posters series, graphic designer Jerod Gibson creates minimalist movie posters and enhances them by adding the famous quotes from the movies to the silhouetted designs. He has made 12 typographic movie posters thus far – have a look at them after the jump.

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Inception Fan Art: 10 Minimalist Movie Posters

Christopher Nolan’s heist film Inception is in its second week on the South African circuit and according to SterKinekor’s Twitter account this smart, imaginative film hasn’t exactly wowed audiences, who it seems would rather watch any mindless drivel as long as it’s in eye-popping 3D.

SA Box Office Top 5:
1. Grown Ups
2. Shrek Forever After (incl 3D)
3. Inception
4. Cats & Dogs 2 (incl 3D)
5. Knight & Day

While some local people raved about Inception on Twitter, others were a little more circumspect, like Durban writer Noelle Adams who seemed a little underwhelmed in her review of the movie. I’d probably need to see it again but for a summer blockbuster I found it far more visceral and imaginative than anything I have seen in a very long while. But this post isn’t about me, rather other people who liked the movie enough to create their interpretations of it in the form of posters. We’ve searched the Internet to bring you 10 of our favourite minimalist posters for Inception – check them out after the jump.


Bam! Kapow! Minimalist Superhero Posters

Veteran Onelargeprawn readers may recall the last time I used “Bam! Kapow!” in a post. It had to with exposed boobies and being fired from work for exposing them. Refresh your memory here, it’s NSFW obviously. This time the phrase may elicit the same kind of reactions albeit from the geekier part of society.

Back in June, I showed you Israeli designer Gidi Vigo as he gave superhero movies the minimalist treatment. It’s a pity that he only made a few posters and given the vast number of superheroes that you and I idolized as children, I expected someone (anyone) to create some more. It turns out Screen Rant decided to save the day with a selection of not one but 30 minimalist posters! See a couple of my favourites after the jump.

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Minimalist Video Game Posters

TyrannicalDuck, Macross, Cloud_Ratha and I are from different walks of life. T-Duck won’t let a drop of alcohol touch his lips and I’m overly enamoured with bacon. Macross is in lust with his new plasma TV and Cloud_Ratha is, well, from Durban. If there is one thing we have in common, aside from being bipeds, it’s the love of gaming. It’s a passion shared by thousands of like-minded gamers across the world…I was going somewhere with this wasn’t I? Oh yes, it ties in with another fondness of ours – that of minimal poster design. It’s become quite a trend recently and even though we’ve seen a good selection of bare-bones movie and TV posters, it seems none of that love has been directed at gaming. Perhaps we haven’t been looking out for it but our Googlefu is strong tonight.

Boris Lechaftois, a freelance web designer from Toulouse, France tries his hand at boiling down the essence of some popular games and graphic designer Boss Logic from Melbourne, Australia applies his talents to simplifying some characters from Street Fighter.

We’ve compiled a selection of their minimalist posters after the jump. Have a look.

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Illustrated Movie Quotes

Designer Goran Patlejch from Prague, Czech Republic creates illustrations using quotes from memorable movies. From no one fucking with Jesus to big badda boom Patlejch’s designs are simple, fun, and altogether awesome. Have a look at them after the jump.

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Pedro Vidotto’s Minimal Movie Posters

Don’t know if you know but I quite minimalist posters. They seem to be all the rage these days, and in steps Brazilian art director/designer Pedro Vidotto who boils down his favourite films to the bare essentials and creates a set of simple, fun promotional posters for them.

Have a look at Vidotto’s set of minimalist movie posters after the jump.