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We Review: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

Warhammer 40,000 games have been going since at least the early 1990s, and most of them have had some manner of strategic bent as a nod to their tabletop wargaming roots. The latest game, Warhammer: Dawn of War III, sees a return to the RTS roots of the original Dawn of War, ditching some of the RPG elements of the prior game. Grab your armour and weapons, and let’s get ready to kick some Ork butt. Or Eldar butt if that’s what you prefer.

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We Review: Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Let me tell you a story. When I was a kid, I used to stay over at my cousin’s place during the holidays. He used to own one of the most amazing comic book collections I’d ever seen, and—to the ire of everyone around me who told me I was being thoroughly antisocial—I spent every holiday reading and re-reading every single one of those comics. He had them all: superlative quantities of Superman, great piles of Green Lantern, judicious amounts of Justice League, and of course, a buttload of Batman comics. I read them all, over and over again. I first got my love of the DC and Marvel universes from those days back then, and I never really lost it. As you, dear readers, know well, I also have a great love of Traveller’s Tales Lego series, so I was justifiably quite excited to get my hands on Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.

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We Review: Everybody’s Golf

One of the PS Vita’s launch titles is Everybody’s Golf (or Hot Shots Golf as it’s known in the US for some unaccountable reason). It’s the one game for the Vita that I’ve strangely spent the most time playing, and will probably be playing for a while to come. Find out why after the tee-off.

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We Review: Ico and Shadow of Colossus HD Remastered Set

A decade is a long time in the video game industry. Technological advances happen each and every day and game designers push the envelope of possibility further and further. But ten years ago Ico pushed so hard it changed everything. And soon thereafter Shadow of Colossus gave its own gigantic shove! If you mention either of these two games to most veteran gamers, you are likely to receive an enthusiastic earful. Simply put: these games were revolutionary in their time. But has the steady passage of time dulled the experience? Is the HD treatment enough to bring these two classics up to date? Find out after the jump. Read more

We Review: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Ezio’s back, and this time he’s brought Altaïr with him in another fun-filled, stabby romp around around Europe. This time, Ezio takes us to beautiful Constantinople (now it’s named Istanbul). Is the outing to Constantinople any better than the picnic in Rome? Do we prefer renaissance Turks to renaissance Italians? Let’s go exploring to find out.

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We Review: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is an arcade air combat game, and the latest in the Ace Combat series, a collection of video games that has a history stretching all the way back to the Playstation 1 and into the video arcades of yore. Find out if the game is any good or whether it crashes and burns in a smoky fireball of metal and pain, after the jump.

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We Review: Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Every kid has a favourite super hero. Every adult male still does. While there are many who rate the man of steel from planet Krypton, tons who love the steel-clad Iron Man, and even a few who worship that not so jolly green giant, the incredible Hulk (between me and you… he’s not that incredible), I have always been a massive fan of Spider-Man. There are two things that sold me on the arachnoid homo-sapiens: his constant witty wisecracks, and web-slinging between towering skyscrapers. Unfortunately in Spider-Man: Edge of Time, only one of those was present and in a form that only annoyed me. Continue reading and find out how I unraveled the good and the bad in this web.

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We Review: Dark Souls

Hard, difficult, frustrating, troublesome, tough, problematic, arduous, herculean, vexing, trying, backbreaking, grueling, challenging, tricky, rough, rocky, baffling, fractious, and down-right embarrassing [Ed: You forgot ‘soul crushingly infuriating’]. These are all synonyms for Dark Souls. In the Oxford English dictionary under the word ‘difficult’, the definition simply says; ‘Dark Souls’. I have never played anything like it; it’s unique. At first I used all the above words and many unprintable ones to describe it, often at the top of my voice and sometimes through my teeth, hissing in frustration. But with time I gradually found other words for Dark Souls; reward, respect, learn, skill, elation, win, gratifying, gain, reach, advance, make headway, satisfying, enjoy, rise, and earn it! Find out how Dark Souls beat me down, tore me a new one, and then slowly built me back up and won me over… after the jump. Read more

We Review: X-Men Destiny (PS3 | Xbox360 | Wii | NDS)

Superhero games are one of those strange phenomena where things could be amazing, or they could be terrible. In the former category, for example, we have the wonderful Batman: Arkham Asylum. In the latter category, we have the infamous Superman 64, arguably the worst comic-to-video-game adaptation in existence. Superman 64 was so bad, in fact, that MTV Gamer’s 2.0 rated it the No. 1 worst game of 1999. I am fairly certain that the only game worse than Superman 64 is 1982’s E.T. The Extraterrestrial for the Atari 200 console, a game that was so bad that Atari actually buried the cartridges in a landfill in New Mexico (Wikipedia), and might actually have been responsible for the great Video Game Crash of 1983 (Wikipedia). Imagine how ridiculously unplayable a game must be to actually crash an entire market sector. Thankfully, X-Men Destiny is not as bad as Superman 64, and certainly not as terrible as E.T., as much as certain other reviewers would have you think that is the case. Is it any good at all, though? One brave reviewer, armed with nothing more than a video game controller and an iron constitution, ventured into the world of X-Men to find out. Read more

We Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

If you were given only one choice: To choose or not to choose, which would you choose? Deus Ex: Human Revolution is about choices. Many, many choices. Sure that’s putting a simple spin on what is an immersive, challenging, and extremely fun game. But on the rare occasion I’m confronted with a game of this high quality, I frown on waxing lyrical. Instead I’ll put it to you as simply as I can — this is a brilliant game with a bewildering array of choice. Find out after the jump what choices I made and why you should choose Deus Ex: Human Revolution as your next gaming purchase. In fact that last bit shouldn’t even be a choice. Read more