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We Review: Skyrim

The battle between the sexes has never been more animated then when it comes to gaming. Well at least in my experience. I assume it’s mostly because when we’re playing games we’re not paying them enough attention (I’m going to pay for that). Fine, shoot the messenger, but if your friends are anything like mine, by now you’ll have heard droves of woman complaining about how their significant other is addicted to the game. I like to call it “being skyrimmed”. This in itself is an indication of how immersive Skyrim can be. At Onelargeprawn we like to do things differently, so I thought “why not turn the whole battle of the sexes on its head? Let’s get a girl to review the game!” And what a good idea that turned out to be. Find out what Ingrid, our guest gamer, thought of Skyrim, after the jump. Read more

We Review: Ico and Shadow of Colossus HD Remastered Set

A decade is a long time in the video game industry. Technological advances happen each and every day and game designers push the envelope of possibility further and further. But ten years ago Ico pushed so hard it changed everything. And soon thereafter Shadow of Colossus gave its own gigantic shove! If you mention either of these two games to most veteran gamers, you are likely to receive an enthusiastic earful. Simply put: these games were revolutionary in their time. But has the steady passage of time dulled the experience? Is the HD treatment enough to bring these two classics up to date? Find out after the jump. Read more

We Review: Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Every kid has a favourite super hero. Every adult male still does. While there are many who rate the man of steel from planet Krypton, tons who love the steel-clad Iron Man, and even a few who worship that not so jolly green giant, the incredible Hulk (between me and you… he’s not that incredible), I have always been a massive fan of Spider-Man. There are two things that sold me on the arachnoid homo-sapiens: his constant witty wisecracks, and web-slinging between towering skyscrapers. Unfortunately in Spider-Man: Edge of Time, only one of those was present and in a form that only annoyed me. Continue reading and find out how I unraveled the good and the bad in this web.

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We Review: Dark Souls

Hard, difficult, frustrating, troublesome, tough, problematic, arduous, herculean, vexing, trying, backbreaking, grueling, challenging, tricky, rough, rocky, baffling, fractious, and down-right embarrassing [Ed: You forgot ‘soul crushingly infuriating’]. These are all synonyms for Dark Souls. In the Oxford English dictionary under the word ‘difficult’, the definition simply says; ‘Dark Souls’. I have never played anything like it; it’s unique. At first I used all the above words and many unprintable ones to describe it, often at the top of my voice and sometimes through my teeth, hissing in frustration. But with time I gradually found other words for Dark Souls; reward, respect, learn, skill, elation, win, gratifying, gain, reach, advance, make headway, satisfying, enjoy, rise, and earn it! Find out how Dark Souls beat me down, tore me a new one, and then slowly built me back up and won me over… after the jump. Read more

We Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

If you were given only one choice: To choose or not to choose, which would you choose? Deus Ex: Human Revolution is about choices. Many, many choices. Sure that’s putting a simple spin on what is an immersive, challenging, and extremely fun game. But on the rare occasion I’m confronted with a game of this high quality, I frown on waxing lyrical. Instead I’ll put it to you as simply as I can — this is a brilliant game with a bewildering array of choice. Find out after the jump what choices I made and why you should choose Deus Ex: Human Revolution as your next gaming purchase. In fact that last bit shouldn’t even be a choice. Read more

We Review: Duke Nukem Forever

It saddens me to write this review. I’m trying hard to look on the positive side of Duke Nukem Forever, but every time I try to see the positive, the game throws my childhood memories into disarray and shatters my last few shreds of hope and I find myself back on the dark side. I had hoped that despite all the bad press, sheer nostalgia would keep me pushing through. As it turns out, nostalgia just is not enough. Find out why after the jump. Read more

We Review: Red Faction: Armageddon

Let’s get a few things straight as an arrow right off the bat. Any game that lets you use a giant hammer to crush your foes into so many tiny pieces, is alright by me. Any game that lets you—nay, requires you—to use a giant mech suit and assorted robots is all right by me. And Red Faction: Armageddon does all that and much more. It’s a riotous ride and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Find out why I looked past the bore and enjoyed the gore, after the jump.

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We Review: De Blob 2

Famed cubist artist Pablo Picasso once said: “The world does not make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?” He had a point. These days it seems that everything needs to be more and more realistic, and video games are no exception. Modern games push the boundaries of realism, and this may not always be a good thing. Consider that it may be our obsession with realism that has led to the rise of ‘reality television’, the horrors of which I need not delve into. Cast your mind back to a time before ultra realism, where game-play and having fun were the order of the day. Let’s see if De Blob 2 can take us back to those days where fun was paramount, after the jump. Read more

We Review: Sly Cooper – The Sly Collection

The Sly Collection has been a difficult bundle to review. I’ll not elaborate on the snowstorm of events that has hijacked the time I needed to truly get to grips with this game. And time you will need as this collection packs many many hours of game play. What with not one, not two but three games in one bundle, it’s a Ménage à trois of cel-shaded goodness and if you’re into that sort of thing it’s a steal at the price…

But every man and his goat has already reviewed these games to depths of which I cannot begin to fathom, stolen every word that remains to be said and pilfered all the good jokes. So a conundrum, if there is little left to write how should I unlock The Sly Collection? Find out how after the jump.

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Seriously Beautiful Cape Town – Timelapse

I love my hometown and I definitely fall into the Cape Town stereotype. Every day on my walk to work I have the best view anyone could ask for and when I’m not struggling against the wind I can actually admire it. Another thing I love is photography and beautiful imagery, so I really enjoyed this timelapse video shot all around Cape Town by Silver Bullet Productions. Even if you are from Joburg and insist that the mine-dumps are equally as mesmerizing as any ‘mountain’ Cape Town has to offer, you will be hard pressed not to admit the Mother City really is a good looking older lady.

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