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What the Cluck? Wang Rong – “Chick Chick”

Forget the horse play in Gangnam Style. Chinese pop singer Wang Rong goes full chicken in the music video to her new single. It has to be seen to be believed. Check out Chick Chick below.

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BABYMETAL: Dangerously Kawaii

It appears the crossroads of heavy metal and pop music meet (unsurprisingly) in Japan. Before the creation of BABYMETAL the world’s first half pop/half heavy metal band, its three female members didn’t even know what metal music was. Perhaps it’s by design or just happenstance, but the ladies certainly rock out to their “dangerous kawaii” image. Check out their cute head-banging antics in Give Me Choco!!.

BABYMETAL’s self-titled album can be purchased on iTunes.

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Best Horse Racing Game Ever!

We can always expect our friends in the far east to put a slant on things but this could possibly be the greatest horse racing video game ever created.

Japan World Cup tasks the player to bet on the outcome of unpredictable and absurd horse races. Unpredictable is probably an understatement and just *how* absurd is it? Find out below.

The hilarious antics from the game have been compiled into not one, but three DVDs.

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It’s a Twerking Bonanza in Major Lazer’s New Music Video

Butts, butts everywhere.

The wibbly wobbly twerk dance takes centre stage in the music video to Major Lazer’s new single. If you’ve seen any Major Lazer music videos before, the alarms bells should already be ringing. Prepare for more Eric Wareheim absurdity as behinds get blown up in Bubble Butt. NSFW, obviously.

Not that I was paying attention, but the track features the singing talents of Bruno Mars, Mystic, and Tyga.

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Arty Cautionary Tales Featured Weirdness

Drug-Induced Self-Portraits by Bryan Lewis Saunders

Some of us are fairly aware how drugs can alter our perception of the world. Artist Bryan Lewis Saunders took this to the extreme in an experiment where he ingested a different drug every day and then drew a picture of himself.

Since 1995 Saunders has been drawing daily self-portraits but it wasn’t until 2001 when he introduced drugs into his system and his art. He believes the 45-day experiment may have caused some slight brain damage and that the drugs made him look really ugly. From the colourful childish influences of marijuana to the calming effects of Ambien to monstrous world of bath salts, have a look at how the different chemicals in the drugs altered Saunders’ perception of self.

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Horseplay, Gangnam Style!

South Korean rapper Psy (real name: Park Jae-Sang) is a viral sensation. The music video to his song Gangnam Style about a yokel who tries to impress a lady by pretending to be a dapper man-about-town has been viewed over 90 million times on YouTube.

The infectious charm comes from his comical equestrian-inspired dance move, which has been aptly titled “the horse-riding dance”. If you’re yet to experience it and are in need of a feel-good song, check out Gangnam Style below.

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Oh my Gosh! WIGGLES!

Rainbow sponges are very special things. In the rights hands they are able to bring about near orgasms.

Take a turn into weirdville with the spokeslady (Dee Gruenig) for rainbow sponges as she shows off the colourful ways that the versatile craft sponge can be used.

Oh my gosh! WIGGLES!

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Arty Weirdness

Weirdly Cute Patterns by Mike Mitchell

We haven’t done a wallpaper-related post in a while. We don’t really have an excuse for it aside from the suffering a serious bout of procrastinitis. We’re better now and found some odd wallpaper patterns from Los Angeles artist Mike Mitchell.

From a bizarre skull and cross bones design made up of kitty bits to an anthropomorphic eyeball, Mitchell’s designs are cute, if a little weird. Check them out after the jump.

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Green Porno Educational Videos

This is altogether surreal and weirdly delightful. Green Porno is a series of short films penned by and staring actress Isabella Rossellini. These educational videos take a look at the reproductive habits of various insects and marine animals, and whether she is getting her head eaten off  as a praying mantis or has a massive whale erection, Rossellini plays all the characters with charm and wit.

Green Porno is scientifically accurate yet so cheeky and silly. Have a look at two of our favourite episodes below. They might be NSFW on the account of simulated sex and heavy breathing.



And see a few more after the jump.

Arty Weirdness

Most Disturbing “Rug” We’ve Ever Seen

My mouth seriously just hung open after I saw this. I almost felt like I had witnessed something evil. Apparently this is some sort of symbol that the designer has created to illustrate her relationship with her parents.

Now, that relationship looks to me like something you’d go to jail for, but hey, whatever floats your boat, eh?


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